Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Why Fashion Blogging Is Still Relevant

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In today’s age where everyone and their mum has a blog and when countless daily outfits are lost in the stream and endless scroll that is Instagram, it seems like fashion blogging has lost its edge.

The increasing number of sponsored posts has created a bit of a stagnant environment where each blog just feels like a recreation of the last. Don’t get me wrong. I think businesses working with bloggers is freaking great. It’s how so many bloggers have been able to switch to full time. But I feel like this input from brands has flattened the otherwise insanely unique world of fashion and created, and I don’t mean to be dramatic, some kind of army of clones sporting the seasons upcoming trends.

Well, I call bullshit.

I don’t want to see 10 girls wear the same skirt in the same way! I want to see Tavi’s bunching up their skirts and wearing ridiculously amazing hats to school. I would literally kill (well, maybe not kill) to see a bunch of badass blogging babes just doing their thing. Sure, go to town with sponsorships, a girl’s gotta eat! But, for me, I don’t think we need a regurgitation of Vogue all over the internet.

While bloggers originally got little more than an eye roll, when magazines and companies realised the value of a bunch of internet-obsessed bloggers, the whole approach of the fashion industry shifted. Bloggers are able to work with huge labels, they sit front row, and they spawn new and exciting businesses from their online havens. While this is great, I feel like, overall, it has turned blogging into just another medium to present a pre-determined generalisation of fashion.

Fashion blogging is free press. It’s our voice. There are no limits, no boundaries, we are free to write our own rules.

Sometimes I doubt the need for new bloggers, it held me back for months. But there are always new stories to tell. There are always new ways to wear combat boots. We, undoubtedly, need fresh meat. We need people to be creative and people who will wear floral print bloomers because it’s Wednesday and they make me feel like a very feminine rock star.

Style/fashion/bodily-protective-wear is whatever we make it – not what is in the pages of a magazine.
Please, don’t misunderstand this and feel like I’m targeting anyone or being a major grump. These are just my thoughts and, I guess, my stance on blogging today.

What do you reckon? Is fashion blogging still relevant?

Forever free press and constantly day-dreaming,



  1. I stay away from blogs when they are trying so hard to follow trends. I didn't make a blog to join a community of boring copies of each other which look like their photoshoots been taken from vogue- it's just boring to look at! Then again, i think some bloggers try too hard to recreate the 'tavi' look, with love of all things 'old/quirky' and "vintage".

    But yeah i think fashion blogging is still relevant. It's just different for everyones own tastes- which is why it is relevant! Some people just can't relate high end magazines, I know you have magazines like Company but it's still very thought out and not as personal and real as a blog!

    Interesting post- this is something I think about a lot to be honest, which is probably why I tend to go for more life style posts!


    1. Exactly! Fashion blogging should be unique for every blog! There's nothing worse then seeing someone trying to replicate a popular blog because we end up missing out on their own unique take and have a bunch of carbon copies.

      Thanks Amy!

  2. does it need to be relevant ? I think it must be fun for the one who's blogging and if readers like it, it's a surplus. But I wouldn't call it relevant, it never was...

    1. BTW : what I as a reader don't like , are sponsored blog posts and advertising ... It makes blogging losing it's value and his truth and I never do it. I don' believe sponsorerd blog posts and have the feeling that the bloggers are used in a cheap way to make advertissment and create profit for companies......

    2. I agree, blogging should be done for the fun of it and just because you want to. But I don't think sponsored posts are necessarily bad. If their done well and in line with the specific blog I don't have a problem with them as they allow people to blog full time and, in turn, improve the content of their blogs. There are a lot of ifs and buts with sponsoring!


  3. I definitely think fashion blogging is still relevant. I do understand that blogs that have lots of advertising and sponsored posts can be boring but I don't really follow a lot of those blogs. I follow a lot of really cool, interesting people, who aren't afraid to not be "on-trend", they have their own trends and aesthetics based on whatever they're feeling at that time, those are the blogs that really inspire me and keep me coming back, that have me eagerly awaiting they're next post.

    1. That is so true, Alix! I get so inspired when I find an amazing blog. I guess we have to just keep supporting those blogs and not pay too much attention to the others.