Friday, 4 October 2013

Pretty In Pink: An Outfit Fit For Andie

 photo VINTAGE1_zpsad4cd2fb.jpg

When in doubt, ask"Would Andie Walsh Wear This?" It should come as no surprise that Molly Ringwald is a major life/style inspiration of mine. I basically live for the brat pack. My love for Andie (& pink) materialised this outfit and I didn't even realise that it could be fit for a convincing costume until looking back at these photos!

 photo Collages1_zps83651038.jpg

Crown: DIY; Venus shirt: PIXIEandPIXIER; Jacket: Vintage; Skirt: Vintage; Shoes: KMart; Belt: Vintage

Andie probably represents everything that I aspire ascetically and when it comes done to not-giving-a-crap-and-running-the-world-with-your-fabulousness. The girl knows how to clash florals and has killer collar/necklace combos. And, check out that bitchface! Ringwald is queen.

 photo Pretty-in-Pink-granny-chic_zps000d88e2.jpg

Though, I'm afraid, Duckie is actually my soul mate.

 photo url_zps8a4caba6.jpeg

Look at that get up! Swoon, much?

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  1. I love it! If they did a 'modern revamp' of Pretty in Pink, I think Andie would dress just like this :) I love Duckie too, I was a little sad when the movie ended how it did if I'm honest.

    Bella . BELLAETC

    1. Duckie and Andie should have ended up together! How could anyone say no to him!?


    one of my favourite scenes in any film ever. the combination of duckie, duckie dancing, that beautiful record store and otis is just too much loveliness. I love your outfit!

    1. I probably watch that at least once a week. Duckie is the ultimate still icon!

  3. it's seriously one of the best movies (+soundtrack etc.) ever! you really are pretty in pink!

  4. Duckie. <33333
    I don't understand-how Andi could resist that??
    Also you look gorgeous x

  5. You are something elseeee you look amazing xx

  6. could you be any cuter??? I love the fashion of the Brat Pack movies as well, though you pull it off much better than I do. love the outfit, but I'm afraid you'll have to fight me for Duckie ;)

  7. This outfit is something Andie would be truly proud of, you really are Pretty in Pink. So inspiring.

    Although Molly Ringwald is amazing beyond compare Duckie is my favorite in that movie and my fictional soulmate (it doesn't hurt that his style is volcanic as well). <3