Wednesday, 25 September 2013

POP BART - How Bart Simpson shaped Pop Culture

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Bart Simpson is a pretty big deal. I'm not gonna lie. Lisa is my homegirl. She's a meat-free riot girl and my cartoon bff. But, Bart is pretty cool too.

This kid knows about doing your thing, being all kinds of rebellious, but still being a top dude at the end of the day, too. Also, he has the moves 'like Jagger.' (Exhibit A). How can I not put his face on beanies! 

I'm sure you already know how much I love, and am mildly obsessed with, pop culture. The Simpsons are kind of the epitome of it to me.

To be honest I don't really watch too many of the new episodes. It's those that I had on video tapes, that I'd watch every night in my weird attic bedroom that I can recite every line to, they give me full on nostalgia vibes (Exhibit B).

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Beanie: PIXIE and PIXIER; Shirt: Vintage; Skirt: Primark; Barbie Necklace: PIXIEandPIXIER; Shoes: KMart

I guess my point is that while Lisa is my life idol, my spirit animal, my cartoon caricature, well, it's nice to just be Bart sometimes.

Don't have a cow, man,


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