Monday, 23 September 2013

How to Tame Your Inner Bag Lady; Or, Organisation for the Hopeless Maximalist

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Confession time: I'm a bit of a hoarder.

My wardrobe is bulging. I have boxes full of weird collections of weird stuff that I may or may not ever use (but I might need these maracas in case there's a spontaneous percussion party!). I am guilty of loving stuff. 

It's so easy to identify with things. Things that make your heart sing. Things that you can use and wear that tell the world a little bit about the real you!

But I had a recently had a revelation. This stuff doesn't mean shit.

You cannot be defined by things. Those hot pink studded and spiked babes of a pair of high heels do not even come close to explaining the spectacular and amazing complexity that is you. I had a habit of keeping souvenirs. Mementos of times and places I've been. I was holding on to them to remember, probably desperate not to forget. What a load of crap! Things don't hold memories, we do. No magnet, pencil, or even photographs can come close to the feelings, sounds, and smells we had bottled up deep in our hippocampus.

I just spent the last couple of days trawling through and organising, well, my life, really. And you what? It feels freaking good. Everything feels...lighter. There's space to breathe. It's easier to find the stuff I actually want, need, and love.

How to tame your inner bag lady - PIXIE and PIXIER photo Screenshot2013-09-22at65001PM_zpsfbfb7a54.png

So, here are some tips/ideas/thoughts that my be useful if you decide to go a bit clear-out crazy, too.

♡ Pick 10 items in your wardrobe that you love. These are your core; you live and breathe these babies. That skirt that makes your butt look like a trillion dollars - there's no way in hell you're tossing that. As long as you have these everything else is just extraneous.

 Purge yourself of all the stuff. Go through everything you own. Be harsh. Trash the maybe, keep the gold.

 Trust your gut. A 'maybe' is just a 'no' in denial.

 When you think you're done, get rid of 5 more things. This step is crucial. Push yourself and don't hold on to something if you don't have to.

♡ Donate, sell, or trade your stuff.

 Revel in your work. Rearrange your desk. Colour-code your wardrobe & wear all the beautiful and amazing things you own (but forgot about since they were hiding under that questionable vintage shirt collection).

Now pat yourself on the back and go dance around in all the space you just cleared up.


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  1. love this! I definitely need to be better about it. I end up collecting junk as opposed to amazing wardrobe pieces. It's obnoxious. I need to nix the quantity and keep the quality!