Friday, 27 September 2013

10 Things To Do Instead Of Going To University; A Gap Year of a Lifetime

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I'm coming to the end of my honours year and I don't know whether it's just because I'm exhausted (thanks for that thesis!) or feeling a little overwhelmed. But, I've been thinking about not plunging into another program next year. While I want to do my Masters, I really, really want to just have a break. Although my subconscious keeps nudging me to 'stay on track' I can't shake the idea of just having a year to live and explore.

So, here's a list of ten things that could make for one hell of a gap year (or an exciting prospect for anyone, student or not!):

1.Work at The Happiest Place on Earth
You don't have to be a princess (but I put dibs on Ariel!) to work at Disney. Think of all those shops, restaurants, and rides that need to be staffed. An annual park pass and all the hidden park secrets, why am I not doing this already?!

2. Pick a place, any place.
Spin a globe, grab your passports and hop on a plane. Go wherever you've been dreaming about.
The options are endless.

3. Get paid to go Cruising!

I have a serious obsession with cruising, despite never having been on one. Working on one and going to breath-takingly amazing destinations could be the cure for this! And to keep the Disney theme going, there is a themed cruise line!

4. Take a chance on your dreams.
Implement that idea you have in the back of your mind. That gem that could change your life. It's never going to work if you don't try it. Give yourself time and work your butt off, you might just surprise yourself.

5. Try something completely different.
How about interning at a magazine? Volunteer with The Orangutan Project. Go on a yoga retreat. I mean, how bad could it be?!

6. Get any old job and spend your days doing nothing. 
By nothing, of course, I mean doing whatever it is that you love. Taking time for yourself doesn't necessarily mean that you need to come up with something to fill up your resume. Do all the projects you been dreaming about or do absolutely nothing. It's totally up to you - and that's the beauty of it!

7. Become Mary Poppins.

You can literally go anywhere in the world and be an au pair. Even if kids aren't your forte the travelling perks are enough to get Scrooge signing up.

8. Go on Mini-breaks.
You don't have to leave for 12 months and that's it. How about monthly trips, or even every three months? Go on your own, with friends, in a tour. Mix and match and create a freaking incredible year.

9. Visit Everyone You Love.
If you have friends and family spotted all around the globe why not drop in on them all. Seriously, couch-surfing points aside, can you imagine how amazing this would be?!

10. Collect Memories.
Start your journey with only a backpack and finish it the same way! It's too easy to start collecting stuff on your globe trottin adventure but living minimally will ensure you can last a year without maxin' out your card or breaking your back! I've wrote about how I want to streamline my life and I really want to put this into travelling too. No more magnet or keyrings, all we need are the memories.

I hope I'm not just dreaming because I can't imagine anything better than incorporating all of these into one hectic and amazing year. Could you imagine taking a gap year? Or have you already?

Forever day-dreaming,


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  1. Definitely take a gap year if you can! Masters is full on. I'm just finishing mine in a few weeks and I took a year off after Honours to do volunteer work and just rest. It's worth it!