Thursday, 12 September 2013

PIXIE goes to Europe: From London to Hull (& back again)

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Back to July I ventured back to the Mother Country. After 8 years (!) of living in Australia I finally when back to England. It was the first and last stop in my Euro Trip and involved a lot of 'eating-everything-I-had-as-a-kid' and a fair share of 'spending-all-my-money-on-dresses,' so, yeah, a pretty good bookend to the journey!

In London we were in full tourist mode. I have no shame and will take awkward, nerdy tourist photos anywhere at anytime!

Here's a little run-down of what I got up to in London.

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 photo Screenshot2013-09-05at91354AM_zps277682a9.png photo Screenshot2013-09-05at91246AM_zps3a67a313.png

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Eating all the vegan tasties at Camden markets (and obsessing over how amazing everything is there!) Hearing English accents everywhere Visting my home town and eating Pattie Buttie with chips and mushy peas (twice!) Watching West End musicals (twice!) Getting over excited in Morrisons Going back to my old Primary School The World's End (Simon Pegg & Nick Frost 4eva) Constantly dreaming up new ideas and possibilities

Much more to come!


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