Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Prehistoric Space Queen

 photo prehistoricspacequeen_zps6756a707.jpg

This skirt makes me feel like an extra in one of those Disney Channel movies about teens living on a satellite community orbiting in space. Or something like that.

It only felt natural to wear this Tatty Devine Dinosaur necklace rip off I got of Etsy ages ago. One day I'll get the real thing but for now this beauty will suffice.

Look at the amazingness the laser-cut detailing of the skirt shines onto my legs! How can I not dance by myself in the front garden while taking far too many photos.

 photo prehistoricspacequeen2_zps3efc64e7.jpg
 photo prehistoricspacequeen3_zps4aac8710.jpg
 photo prehistoricspacequeen4_zps2133d9ec.jpg
Necklace: Etsy; Top: ebay; Skirt: Missguided; Creepers: ebay

Have a lovely Wednesday!



  1. YOUR SKIRT IS AMAZING OMG <3 also i've been wearing my daria earrings from ur etsy all the time :3

  2. You are so cool!!! That skirt is soo cute. Now following :)

  3. I follow you on instagram, and just fell in love with your blog<3