Wednesday, 12 June 2013

As the seasons change.

 photo pinkandredootd_zps53fd0997.jpg

You may have already noticed that I have a bit of an affinity for the colour pink. I like it hot, bright, and everywhere. Pink with orange is probably my favourite but I've recently been all over pink with yellow and when I found this crazy, instense, amazing skirt in the 'Fill a bag for $3' section at my favourite thrift joint I almost went banana sandwich. I may have got the best $3 bag of my life, there are some seriously good finds that I'll get round to sharing sometime this millennia.

Please excuse the scowly face. I love mid-day sun (despite what every photographer/blogger/person-who-knows-anything-about-lighting will tell you) and went sans-sunglasses. We'll all just have to live with it.

I have no idea what the theme is. We'll say Spanish. It gives me that vibe but maybe that's because I've been planning/constantly-day-dreaming about visting Barcelona NEXT MONTH! I might cry when I see all the Gaudi's. No, I definitely will.

 photo pinkredootdback_zps4343da23.jpg
Shirt: Vintage; Skirt: Vintage; Necklace: from a market in India; Shoes: KMart

Hope you have a freaking wonderful day!



  1. What a colored outfit! :D I like it, it's perfect for Summer!
    Nice blog, dear! (:

  2. This outfit is gorgeously vibrant and oh so summery - I'd love a twirly, swishy, hollywood movie star skirt like this to pirouette about in and look fabulous! What a great vintage find! + $3?! That's like £1.50 over here!! - absolutely crazy insane!!! I'd have gone into cardiac arrest, allowing enough time for someone else to swipe it! What an eclectic style you have and a glorious blog to boot: along for the ride now! :)

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