Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fly Away: Etsy Sale!

 photo pixieandpixierSALE_zps4cf2191f.jpg

Good news! Everything in my Etsy will be on sale for the next week!

You may have already heard (I've mentioned it about a billion times) that I'll be canoodling around Europe this July which is amazing and exciting but also means I have to shut my shop for over a month. PIXIE and PIXIER is my baby. I'll miss it so much while I'm away!

So, starting today, you can get 25% off everything in shop for orders over $10! Sounds pretty good, right?! This sale will go until 24th June where I'll be closing up until August 1st.

Just pop in the coupon code FLYAWAY at checkout and 25% will be taken off the price!

The shop is choc-a-block full with my legendary (to me, anyway) cameo pieces, with movie and music references a-plenty, as well as one-of-a-kind clothing and some pretty intense Barbie shoe and limb necklaces!

Don't forget: I can also make custom cameo jewellery with any picture you'd like. These will be the same price as those already in the shop and you can also use the coupon code!

And remember, the shop won't be open until August so if you want to grab some gifts, for yourself or others, in July or August, make sure you order them now :)

I hope to have a lot of new and fancy things when I re-open too so some of the think in the shop now may not be returning!

Have a fabulous Monday!



  1. Hi, I love your blog! ^-^ I'm following you!

  2. your shop is so cute! i want that barbie shoe necklace and that heart tank!

    lindsey louise