Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Beanie Baby

 photo IMG_8839_zps06f3be48.jpg photo IMG_8846_zps30ed455d.jpg
 photo IMG_8816_zpsf44f83ae.jpg photo IMG_8801_zpsff5e2b25.jpg
 photo IMG_8879_zpsee2b3061.jpg
 photo IMG_8858_zps42a6cc28.jpg

It's starting to cool down here in Australia so I've been on a bit of a beanie making rampage. I just couldn't resist adorning them with Cats, hearts and The Simpsons cast members.

Classes for the semester are finished now and I just have my 5000 word thesis and two exams in the way before I head over to Europe. Cannot even function with the excitement!

You may have noticed (or not, am I just talking to myself, I don't mind anyway, you go Gabi!) that things have slowed down on the blog/shop front. Blame uni. I'm definitely keeping all this cyber goodness going but I have to give myself some time for study. I feel really blessed to be able to study and even though it turns me into a ball of stress and nerves, I know how lucky I am to be able to actually get an education. It's hard to be interested in so many things and pursue them but LOOK AT JAMES FRANCO!

Don't settle. Pursue everything that is important to you. Work hard, find time and you can have it all.



  1. loving all your hats, you have such a cool blog x

  2. I love the beanies! I have an obsession and tend to wear beanies all the time, haha!


  3. Hi, I have a random-ish question and a half for you:
    one: do you use pre-printed fabric for your beanies and clothing or somehow print it yourself?
    half: also do you print the images for your pins and such?

    Thank you!
    PS: I love your blog, tumblr and shop!