Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Granny Chic

granny chic photo IMG_8324_zps11f84006.jpg

I don't know what it is about floral dresses lately! I'm forever thinking in northern hemisphere terms.

This granny chic dress reminds me of The Virgin Suicides, though, and I will never pass on an opportunity to emulate that vibe!

The boots are actually my Mam's but they seem to be looking good with almost everything lately so on my feet they will stay!

outfit virgin mary pixie and pixier photo IMG_8342_zpsf6c0e255.jpg

outfit pixie and pixier photo IMG_8341_zps1e162521.jpg

Completely unrelated, but, do you know of any amazing Etsy (or just online!) shops, do you run one? I really want to start buying more from independent designers and creators and would love to find more shops! Hit me up!



  1. I love your room! Such a cute dress xo

  2. I love your blog so much! It's great, you really do have the best wardrobe ever!! And your etsy shop, Oh my Gawd! It's times like these where I wish I actually had a job so I could buy everything you make!! I make my own jewelry too, it's not that great and I don't really know what to do with it now because I'm not really sure how to go about selling it and if anyone would actually buy it!! Maybe I should follow your tips and make an etsy of my own! But now I'm just rambling and writing a massive comment... Whoops I tend to do that. :) xx

    1. You should definitely start your own shop! I had no idea what I was doing but it really isn't as difficult as it seems and you just learn as you go :)


  3. That dress is sooo The Virgin Suicides like. Lovin your sense of style!

    *now your newest follower via Feedly.

  4. Love granny chic! I reminds me of early 90's the booties too!