Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Must Love Cats - Daily Outfit

cat lady cardigan

Sometimes you've just got to go pastel.

I made this cardigan a while ago and have been wearing it religiously. Lilac, peplum, lace and cats?! Pretty epic.

The other day I bought my flights to London! I am crazy excited and cannot wait to frolic around Europe all July. This is definitely gonna motivate me through writing a 5000 word literature review over the next few weeks! Can't wait to go back to Euro Disney, admire the buildings in Barcelona and eat everything in Italy!

I left England over 7 years ago and haven't been back yet so this will be really weird and special for me.

If you know of any amazing places that I just can't miss, basically anywhere in Europe, then let me know! Also, where are the best places to shop in London?

cat cardigan ootd

Cardigan: DIY, similar ones in my shop; Dress: Mr Price; Flower crown: DIY; Creepers: ebay


  1. i just found yr blog and oh my goodness yr flower crown, cardigan and room are perfect here!

    just followed <33

  2. sorry to be a poop but my friend ordered a pair of daria+jane earrings from yr etsy but from my account, and isn't 100% sure the order went through right? could you pls let me know if you got her order?? than youuuu xx

    1. can you message me on etsy that way I can see the account name to check. Thanks! x

  3. I've got an awesome giveaway on my blog that you might like !!!