Thursday, 13 December 2012

PIXIE goes to Africa - Daily Outfit

I've only been in Africa for a few days now but I've already fallen in love with the vibrancy and spirit here in Cape Town. Those beautiful buildings are in Bo Kaap, a neighbourhood where the buildings were once used to house slaves but, following their freedom, were painted in these amazing bright colours. It's basically my utopia. As a colour addict I can't help but love this use of bold colour to symbolise freedom and, naturally, my outfit blended right in.

I got photographed by Indie mode while browsing the amazing stalls off Long Street incase you wanted to see me looking slightly less sweaty and such. 

Top: DIY Seth Rogen Tee; Shorts: Car Boot originally Sportsgirl; Necklace: DIY Barbie Hands; Shoes: Kmart


  1. I love colors of those building! Your shorts are too cute :)

  2. Awesome photos! I love your outfit and the colorful buildings are amazing! :)


  3. you look ever so lovely :) I wish I was in Africa right now! xx

  4. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS BUILDINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I know! I have that screencap as my laptop's wallpaper so this is basically heaven to me.