Thursday, 6 December 2012

Alice Cooper, Barbie Shoes and Bedroom Blue - Daily Outfit

Gabriella Outfit

I feel like it's important to clarify that I didn't actually wear these shoes out to the post office/car shop/eating places as that would be weird. I don't really wear heels (read: ever) for the following reasons:

1. I'm 6ft tall
2. I find it difficult to walk at the best of times
3. They tend to make my feet feel claustrophobic (this may be due to the fact that I usually wear my sister's shoes which are actually too small for me)
4. I'm 6ft tall

I have, however, taken to wear flowers, bracelets and various sparkly things around my ankles and on my shoes. This is just a sunflower head band I wrapped around the boot and I think it looks mighty cool. You should try it out. Flowers and fanciness on your feet is a sure-fire way to make you whenever you look down.

Gabriella Outfit
Top: from some $5 shop; Shorts: Car Boot sale (originally Sportsgirl); Barbie Shoes necklace: PIXIEandPIXIER; shoes: Lipstick; Sunflowers: dollar shop head band


  1. six feet tall? You're so lucky! I would love to be that tall, as I'm currently 5'6" (but i'm still growing, so heres hoping hahaha)
    Those shorts are adorable! And I love the headboard on your bed by the way, so awesome and vintage looking :)


    1. Thanks Haylie!
      Yeah being 6ft can be really annoying though - skirts are always short on me and I never have leg room on planes BUT I can reach really high things! haha

      I got the headboard for $20 from a charity shop - score!

  2. You are so pretty, you look like a model! Love the outfit :)

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