Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sequins, Leopard and a Union Jack - Daily Outfit


Happy November!

There's nothing I love more in an outfit than clashing prints and textures. Even though I generally look like my wardrobe exploded on me at least I know that there is an art to putting together whatever clothes might possibly be clean. (Speaking of - I need to MAJORLY clean out my wardrobe, after reading this article I'm somewhat psyched).

I only ever wear sequins in the day time. It makes more sense to me. If anyone knows where I could get a PINK sequin jacket (or a pink faux fur jacket, or just anything pink, basically) let a sister know! I've been dreaming about it for years. Also, a unicorn white one, too. You know those sequins that turn pink and blue in the light? Well imagine a whole jacket drenched in those?! Dreamy.

Today I've been updating my etsy. Alot of sold out items have been relisted, finally! And now, hopefully, I'm going to tidy out my wardrobe, finish painting a skull with pink glitter and do a little drawing with my new Prismacolour pencils. 
daily outfit

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  1. Such a great outfit. I love the sort of clashing-but-actually-coordinated thing you've got going on :) Your style is awesome.