Monday, 5 November 2012

Sesame Street Tea Dress & Lovely Things to Come - Daily Outfit

PIXIE sesame street dress

As soon as I saw this vintage Sesame Street material I just knew I had to make into a cute little tea dress! I spent hours altering a vintage pattern and sewing like a manic and I am so freaking please with the end result!  There is something really special about being able to wear something made from scratch, knowing that literally nobody else in the entire world has anything like it.

This little dress is sure to be the first of many. I hope to have a range in my online shop  early next year and, if I have enough time, be able to make custom dresses.

I am just very, very excited about this.

sesame dress and pink bow

FACIAL sesame street dress

mui mui heels
Dress: Handmade; Belt: I honestly have no idea...; Necklace: PIXIE; Socks: Dollar Store; Shoes: Dotti


  1. Seriously so adorable! :)

  2. I admire your skills so much, it's great great great absolutely awesome dress! nya.