Wednesday, 24 October 2012

If Minnie Mouse was a Street Walker


Happy Thursday!

I wore this sometime last week probably to pop out to the shops/post office/go eat. Actually I think it would have been all three. The top is amazing, btw. It's Peter Alexander (yes, that means it's technically PJs) and it's kind of his take on Minnie Mouse so, like, what's not to love, right!? I don't usually like tops with a loose waist as they can make me look pretty big but this is too cute and actually quite flattering. (Side note: I try not to worry too much about clothes be 'flattering' as, for most parts, that's pretty insulting. As if we have to make sure our bodies are presented in a certain sort of way to appease certain people. And now I'm starting rambling so i guess I'll just stop. OK). Well, the top was $15 which totally breaks my usual $10 rule (I basically live in charity shops so it seems ludicrous to spend more than $2 on anyone thing sometimes) but I like it so leave me alone Bank Account, jeez!  

I've been working so much lately so today I'm just going to finish making this amazing dress I've been dreaming about for months, organise my etsy a little and hopefully find some time to actually paint.

There are so many things I want to make and do and just not enough hours in the day! 
If anybody knows how to just pause time for a little bit so I can finish some John Hughes movie illustrations that would be amazing.


Sunglasses: Factorie; Necklace: Diva; Top: Peter Alexander; Shorts: Mom jeans DIY; Shoes: Dotti


  1. I'm digging this dress! I like the hearts and how you paired 'em up with the hearts shades. : ).

    I +1 on your LB too! Xx

    crystal dots.

  2. this is a lovely post!!! how'd you like to follow each other???


    1. Thanks!

      I just checked out your blog and it's lovely - I just HAD to follow!

    2. Thanks Gabi! I also Just HAD to follow your blog as you are soo adorable! Keep in touch and Happy Friday! xoxo

  3. Super cute! I love the heels! :)


  4. Great outfit! You look really nice :)