Monday, 22 October 2012

Candy is Dandy but Liqueur is Quicker


Long time no see! Like, a few days but who's counting. 

I wore this little get up the other day but have been working a lot so I didn't get round to posting. I've just been really slack the past fews days with all this internet stuffs because I've been crazy busy with custom orders and work and drawing and planning new fun things.

My mind feels a little to empty and fuzzy right now (I have a cold because it was 15 degrees last night and I'm a gigantic baby) so I'll just leave you with this outfit. I got the shorts at a car boot sale for $1 and they are the definition of summer. The shoes are amazing and have a sick flared heel that kind of kills me to think about. They were $15 and I'm just happy they're a part of my life at this point.


And a little bit of ISO-on-full vibes.


Top: Cotton On; Shorts: Sportsgirl (thrifted); Necklace: Mombasa; Heels: Dotti; Socks: DIY; Sunglasses: Factorie 


  1. I am always a fan of thrift clothes, so your shirt is a great favourite of mine! Peplum looks great on you!

    Crystal | crystal dots.

    1. Thanks! Thrifting is definately the way to go! x