Monday, 15 October 2012

Burning Bright


I've been playing around with my camera a lot lately trying to figure out all the beautiful things I could do with it. These photos from the other day were actually the ones that went wrong as the ISO was too high but then they actually turned out to be the ones I liked the most.

I wore this to pop out to my favourite charity shop the other day despite it clearly being too hot to wear a gold painted jumper. My cat has a cat on it but obviously you can't even see that in the photos because I suck at life. You'll just have to believe me when I say it's amazing. The skirt was $1 from said charity shop and it's perfect and amazing and I ripped it on my ring and I might cry. Nobody will ever know.

I have tons of new things that I spent all weekend photographing and will hopefully spend all day today drafting on etsy. I really need to get back to listing a new item daily as I just have so many ready to go and so many ideas that I haven't even had the chance to put into action yet!

So, hopefully today will consist of making some lovely things, drinking grapefruit juice and watching back-to-back Paul Rudd movies!

Have a happy Tuesday!

P.S. Here's the outfit with regular lighting so you can actually see what it looks like.


Jumper: Cotton On; Skirt: Vintage; Necklace: Diva; Bag: Princess Highway; Sunglasses: Claire's Accessories


  1. Ooh such a pretty outfit! Soft neutrals with metallics is one of my favorite color combinations :) And your sweater is awesome!


    1. Thanks! I don't usually wear neutrals but I'm really start to like them! x