Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pink Kittens and a very simple DIY


I buy the majority of my clothes from Op shops/charity shops so there's usually a fair bit of altering needed so I don't look too much like an 80s housewife. My favourite Op shop have a 'fill a bag for $3 bin' and it's basically what I like to call 'Nirvana.' There's usually one thing I actually like in it then I just stuff the bag with things that might maybe be okay if I change it completely. So, naturally, I have mounds of these weird pieces of clothing that I need to make not quite so weird and ill-fitting.

I'm only slightly ashamed to admit that I got these shorts purely because they're pink. It only took about 5 minutes to re-hem these babies. It's ridiculously basic but can really turn a dress with a nice material into something you'll live in for the next 3 months. 

Ok. Super simple DIY coming your way!


Please excuse the whole dirty mirror, messy room, weirdface vibe of these photos but that's me in my natural habitat (wearing both a Garth necklace AND t-shirt btw).

As you can see these were some crazy, flared culottes and I just wasn't feeling them. 


You'll need:
 - the garment you want to alter
 - basic sewing supplies (pins, needles, scissors)
 - a sewing machine would be a huge help but, as always, this can be hand sewed too!

1. Try your pants/skirt/dress/whatever on and mark the length you'd like them to be.


2. Draw a line about 1 inch lower than the ideal length to allow room for hemming and get cutting!


3. Fold the fabric in a centimeter or so and pin along the edge. For a neater finish, fold the edge over again before you pin it and all the hems will be hidden. 

4. Simple sew along the edge and they're ready to rock!


And this is what I look like with a fringe. I don't really know how to be a person with a fringe yet hence why I'm stroking it and pondering with my eyes closed.

Yep, anyway. More important things. This jacket has cats on it. It was also $10. We're going to be very happy together.

I think I should clarify that, yes, that is Joaquin Phoenix on my tee. We're quite obviously vegan BFFs so it's only natural that I'd wear a top with his face on it.


Shorts: DIY; Top: Dangerfield; Jacket: Cotton On; Purple YSL rip off ring: Diva; Eye ring: Markets in India; Gold Baroque ring: Vintage; Garth Necklace: Pixie; Shoes: Big W and DIY; Sunglasses: Claire's Accessories 

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