Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Intergalactic Trailer Trash

Trailer trash

Happy Wednesday!

I literally never wear pants but I had to buy these because a) they were $5 and b) they're sparkly. I wore this to another Post Office trip. I live at the post office now but that's okay because I'm clearly BFFs with the staff there now.

So, anyways, I like to think that this is how an alien would dress if they're Space Travelling Device has landed on Earth in the height of Ziggy Stardust fame and they started living undercover and now they've been in suburbia for so long they barely even remember they're from outer space despite the fact that they wear SPARKLY SILVER PANTS everyday. Or something like that.

I've been working on some special surprises for my etsy shop. New jewellery pieces will be listed daily again (super exited about this little bit of Daria magic) and I'm working on some long delayed clothes that I am just highly obsessed with. 

I also need to desperately tidy my room. If you follow my on instagram (@gabriellamurray) you will have probably seen the constant state of despair that my room possesses. I've been trying to train my cats to be little cleaner elves but they're just not participating. 

Here are some more pictures of me posing awkwardly in my garden while passing cars give me shifty looks.

Trailer trash
Trailer trashTrailer trash
Trailer trash
Trailer trash
Sunglasses: Vintage; Top: Cotton On; Necklace: Mombasa (has a cat on but I have failed to show the cat details in my outfits once again); Jeans: Cotton On; Creepers: ebay; Socks: Forever21


  1. Super cool outfit! I wish I was daring enough to wear metallic pants! You're gorgeous by the way.


    1. Thanks so much! Go for it, I just couldn't resist them for $5! x

  2. You are so beautiful <3

    marry me