Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Life Lately: April

LIFE LATELY: April photo LifeLately-April-PIXIEandPIXIER_zps62ca4127.png

Last Tuesday it was my 22nd birthday. It seems like a serious adult age but I still feel an awkward, constantly excited twelve year-old. Hooray to ageing!
A few days ago I booked my return ticket to London (!) and have been spending the last few days planning my way around Europe and all the amazing things I want to see and do.
 I want to get in the habit of taking more photos of just life, in general, to notice the little things. But for now, a collection of my beloved Instagram snaps will have to suffice!

I finally got Paul Feig’s book! Dubbed “the prequel to Freaks & Geeks” – needless to say, I beyond excited to devour this Getting 3 hours of sleep and then waking up at 5am to finish an assignment is all worth it when you see sunrises like this I went to Hawaii this time last year and I’ve been reminiscing about snorkeling, shopping and ridiculously gorgeous morning hikes Gusteau constantly sleeps like this. It both freaks me out and melts my heart I bought a new $4 lipstick! Thank you BYS! I honestly cannot believe that I only recently started watching Parks and Rec. What the hell was I thinking? I spent my birthday morning lazing in the grass with my puppies and a stack of library books Hot pink Beats by Dr Dre headphones courtesy of my little bro My birthday parcel my sister sent me from South Africa. Everything is amazing. I miss her so much and can’t wait to be reunited in London!

Goodbye April, let’s make May just as magical!


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  1. It seems like you had a fun April! Oh and happy belated birthday! I hope you'll have lots of fun and wonderful experiences this year :) Age beautifully!

    Lots of love,