Monday, 6 May 2013

Etsy Extraordinaire #10: Be Proud Of Yourself

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PIXIE’s Guide to Becoming An Etsy Extraordinaire, Or How To Run a Successful Online Shop

We’ve made it to ten weeks! Thanks so much if you’ve been following along. You can review you rest of the posts here!
#10. Be Proud Of Yourself

There comes a time when you’ve just got to look in the proverbial mirror and give yourself a standing ovation. You’ve put your freaking heart and soul in your shop and, you know what? It’s freaking amazing! And it’s ok to say that!

Sure there are things you need to tweak. My photos need updating and when the hell am I gonna add those new listings?! But, you know, be proud of where you’ve come!

Don’t stop working and striving to be as spectacular as you can but step back every now and then and look how much you’ve already accomplished! Steam-rolling on can be exhausting and the to-do list can weigh you down. If you don’t take a second to really examine what you’ve created it’s just going to get lost in the chaos.

Don’t wait for someone else to congratulate you – it might never happen. You don’t need any one else to determine your worth.  You’ve rocked this and you’re gonna keep on rocking it!

Take a minute to examine what’s working. Do more of that. Follow your own success.



  1. What a touching motivational post :) You're right, we really should take more time to love ourselves!

    Lots of love,

  2. Awesome set of tips, Gabi! I found your blog through your etsy site -just made a sneaky little purchase of stickers to deck out my new diary heh.
    Also refreshing to find an australian feminist blogger that I can relate to! xo xo