Monday, 8 April 2013

Etsy Extraordinaire #6: Accept, Learn, and Move On

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PIXIE’s Guide to Becoming An Etsy Extraordinaire, Or How To Run a Successful Online Shop

Part six is here? Make sure you check out the past posts, too. Right, let’s go!

#6. Accept, Learn, and Move On

Ok, it’s time to tell you like it is. Somethings just aren’t gonna work out. Maybe you’re products aren’t quite cutting it or you’re approaching it in the wrong way. When I first started seriously making thing with the aim to sell them I didn’t really consider online marketing. I was stuck in the mindset that handmade goods were for local markets and, although people really liked my stuff, I just wasn’t making enough money for it to be worthwhile. You have to accept that what you’re doing might not be working and only then can you go back to the drawing board and make some real magic

I was wasting so much energy preparing for markets that weren’t even focused at my target audience! By sitting back and thinking about my shop, my audience and where I could reach them, I was able to adjust and realign. I stopped worrying about local markets and put all my energy into building an online shop. If I didn’t, I think I’d have called it quits a long time ago.

Don’t be disheartened
So, maybe something hasn’t worked out for you. Well, all that means is you’re one step closer to your strengths and leading your business to thrive.
Twelve different publishing houses rejected JK Rowling, queen of all things magical, before someone finally saw the potential in her book about a certain wizard.  The Beatles were told guitar groups were on their way out and Apple once fired Steve Jobs (what?!).
Sometimes people just aren’t going to see all the amazingness in what you do straight away – you’re going to have to show them.


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