Thursday, 28 March 2013


I'm on mid-semester break now so, aside from writing a billion papers, I'll hopefully be creating some really lovely things to put in my shop, and also things to keep for myself.

It's my first day off today and I've already listed about 10 new things and am about to make some more!   Don't you just get so excited when you have time off? I feel like, even though there's a lot to do, I have so much time and I just wanna make all things and watch all the movies. I'm sure in a few days I'll just be a ball of stress consumed by the deadlines I'm currently enjoying ignoring.

The lovely Molly over at The Le Sigh  and Natalie at The Grace Wastelands both interviewed me. Have a read, they're beautifully written and the sites are amazing and endlessly inspiring.

Have a freaking amazing weekend!

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  1. I wil! I hope you have a freaking amazing weekend too! I am now encouraged to work on my etsy!