Monday, 12 November 2012

Notorious C.A.T. - Daily Outfit

CAT t-shirt and tutu
Top: thrifted; Tutu: Some random cheap shop/I have no idea; Socks: DIY from here

Have you ever seen a t-shirt as amazing as this?! A cat and a Biggie Smalls reference? Yes, I am most definately in! My Mam thrifted it for me the other day and it is now my best friend.

Today I'm just being a homebunny and working my way through listing new items (hello, Childish Gambino!), making new things, tidying my swamp of a bedroom and admiring my cat's eyelashes.

cat eyelashes

What are you up to on this fine Tuesday?


  1. Super cute!! It's crazy how its tuesday where you live and monday where I live. Your cat is adorable! :)


    1. It is so weird! I can never get used to it haha

  2. You are absolutely gorgeous Gabi!
    I adore your style.