Saturday, 6 October 2012

Dismembered Dolls and Severed Tees


Happy Saturday!

Please excuse the ridic faces. I don't understand how people jump or even mildly pose without their faces rapidly distorting!

Today was insanely hot so I clearly had no choice but to slice the sleeves and bottom off this Deep Purple tee. I'm a real collector of tees (I don't whether I should be ashamed or proud to say I own at least 100, I'm leaning toward the latter) so while I love a good customised tee I can be a tad reluctant. It's always good to revitalize the lesser loves items in my wardrobe though and I'm pretty sure this cost about $2 so I wasn't too worried. The skirt, coincidentally, was also $2 as it had the wrong size label sewn in so they couldn't sell it full price - score!

The necklace is one of my all time favourites. It's made from the severed limbs of about 20 Barbie dolls (I actually have a similar on in my etsy). I swear, it's totally normal and not at all weird. 

Anyhoo, this is what I wore to pop into my favourite op shop (so much magic) and go shopping. I inexplicably have heels on in two of the pictures. I don't even know. Maybe it's because I was taking photos for a certain upcoming post about a certain DIY about a certain type of lace socks. (It was).




My Mam got this beautiful, if a little worn in, vintage bedroom set that I'm going to be fixing up. 
It will be freaking spectacular.


Have a lovely weekend!


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