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Etsy Extraordinaire #7: Diversify – Mo’ Money, Mo’ Products

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PIXIE’s Guide to Becoming An Etsy Extraordinaire, Or How To Run a Successful Online Shop
Welcome to the seventh edition - more goodness here!

#7. Diversify – Mo’ Money, Mo’ Products

As I’m writing this post I can’t help but think I should have posted it sooner. Probably the most important factor to increase your traffic and, in turn, sales is diversifying your product range. Basically, the more products you have and the greater their range, the more people you’re going to attract.
I don’t need to tell you the internet is huge. Think about how many posts are going up every minute, how many listings on Etsy or any online shop. If you only have 10 listings in your shop, it’s not going to take long for your beautiful creations to get lost in the swamp that is the world wide web. Also, with variety in your shop, people are more likely to purchase multiple items at once. Now that is special!

Here’s six ways you could diversify your shop:

♡ List new items as often as possible - Daily if possible! This keeps you fresh on the searches and keeps people interested.
♡ Don’t just sell one thing – if you sell prints of your art, why not sell, tshirts, jewellery and phone cases of your art too?
♡ One in every colour – this gives people a choice and allows them to have something a little personalised.
♡ Accept custom orders – this won’t apply to everyone but can be really useful
♡ Different versions of the same thing – think about how you could alter and rework some of your most loved products
♡ Relist! – this is the key! While you might want to keep some items as one-offs, being able to simply click relist and sell multiples of the same design is what is going to allow you to rapidly increase your sales.

I wish I’d have incorporated these strategies into my shop from the very beginning. These bad boys are going to get you crazy traffic!


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