Monday, 26 November 2012

Confined to my Sanctuary

Busy working in my studio -cough- bedroom
I have been making and packing orders like a crazy lady. So, massive thanks to everyone who placed an order the past few days - you have certainly kept me busy. Because of this I've pretty much been living in my PJs only to actually get dressed in a t-shirt-shorts-combo to duck out to the post office - hence the lack of outfit posts and any real substance.

Also, I go to South Africa for TWO WHOLE ENTIRE MONTHS in two weeks so I've been spending a lot of time thinking about getting organised for that. That mostly means stocking up on cat food and buying travel sickness pills.

My place of work and one of my many list books

The Greatest Jewelers Tool

I saw this little thingymabob somewhere on the interweb a few weeks ago and it blew my mind. I promptly ebay searched and order one for a mere $2 and when it arrived it turns out the listing was for 5! Amaze! You use it for loosening/tightening/adjusting/whatever jump rings and the like and it has just made my life 50 times easier. I've also been wearing them as rings because I'm clearly cool like that. 

Window situation - cat dress, lips bag, Indian charms and sunflowers, obviously.

This photo is weird but it features key elements in my life right now so just overlook the Virgin Suicides tinge (or alternately, embrace it). I DIY'ed the dress, the lips bag is from ebay and there's a YippyWhippy Lisa Simpson brooch too that you can barely see. 


I'll probably be doing some kind of etsy closing-down-for-a-little-bit sale in the next few days so keep your peepers open!


  1. Your workspace is so cool! :)
    Ooh, Africa! That's awesome, is it for a job?


    1. Thanks!

      My sister is on a year working visa so I'm just visiting her and we're going travelling.


  2. I'm really loving your necklace collection!
    I hope you have a wonderful trip ^_^

    xx Jessica