Monday, 1 October 2012

Would you like fries with that?


Today I mailed out some orders, bought pink paper and groceries and then sat around thinking about doing stuff. 
It was a good Tuesday.

I got this skirt for about $1 at my favourite op shop the other day. It's a little bit Grease (like a mash-up before Sandy before and after) which, obviously, I love.

The FRENCH FRIES COLLAR (!) is from one of my favourite etsy shops fathipster. It is every bit perfect and I fully intend on wearing it to a 50s style diner one day because I feel that it's important to match your outfit with your meal plans. 

Garth is always around my neck because he is the bee's knees. I literally wear this necklace five days a week (the other two days are spent sleeping so they don't count).

Sunglasses: Vintage; Collar: fathipster; Necklace: PIXIE; Tee: random $5 shop; Skirt: Vintage; Bag: ebay; Socks: Forever21; Shoes: ebay

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