Monday, 8 October 2012

Goths like Clueless too


I wore this little getup for a quick trip to the Post Office yesterday to send all my orders out to their new owners. I'm clearly still clutching onto the remains of winter and will take a slightly overcast day as the perfect opportunity to wear a jumper and long black skirt.

Not that you can see all too clearly but I'm still rocking the diy lace socks from yesterdays post. I've worn my creepers maybe 90% of days since they arrived. No other footwear seems to matter now, these babies are all I need.

Well, today I am going to be busy making some new and exciting things to list in my etsy and hopefully attempting to tidy the swamp, that is my bedroom.

Have a lovely Tuesday!




Clueless jumper: Forever 21; Garth necklace: PIXIE; Skull necklace: Diva; Skirt: Op shop; Lace socks: DIY; Creepers: ebay


  1. This is an awesome outfit! I need a Clueless sweater and some creepers in my life as soon as humanly possible!!!! xo

    1. Thanks! This sweater literally changed my life - I love it that much!